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Continuous Rim Blades

Continuous Rim Blades are appropriate for cutting hard materials such as marble, granite, porcelain, and ceramic tile, and other materials that can chip easily. These blades don’t have individual segments but instead, they have a solid, continuous rim or edge. Most continuous rim blades are designed for wet cutting applications, providing the smoothest, chip free cuts.

Among the blade types, these blades cut the slowest but achieve an excellent cut, leaving a smooth and clean finish. This makes them the smoothest cutting tile and stone cutting blades available.

Continuous Rim Blades are most commonly available in 4” to 14” diameter sizes - the smaller, 4” to 5” diameter blades being used in hand-held grinders and the larger sizes used on tile saws.
Segmented Rim Blades Segmented Rim Blades are designed to be used on concrete, brick, concrete pavers, hard or reinforced concrete, limestone, and masonry, producing the roughest cut. They are available in a wide selection of diameters from small to large and are commonly used with masonry saws, concrete saws, and circular saws. These blades are durable and have a longer life compared to the other types. While these blades offer a relatively smooth cut with a fast cutting speed, chipping may still occur. They are durable and have a long blade life compared to other blades.
Turbo Blades

Turbo Rim Blades are designed to cut faster on dry or wet applications. These blades feature a continuous rim with serrated edges which give the blade a smooth cut even at faster cutting speeds.  These blades exhibit the best qualities of segmented rim blades and continuous rim blades. They can be used in circular saws, tile saws, and hand-held grinders and can cut a variety of materials such as stone, tile, marble, masonry, granite, and other building materials.

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